"Dr. Don and his staff were crucial in the treatment of severe back and neck injuries that completely stopped me from running and swimming. Dr. Don proactively seeks out new techniques and methods such as Active Release that will help in the treatment of his patients. The positive attitude, personal touch and willingness to spend time with me to make sure I received the proper care was very important to me. I am now running and swimming pain free and have recommended Cornerstone Chiropractic to many friends who have also had very positive results."

~ Mike W., Allen Stone Memorial Race Coordinator,Businessman

“I was in tremendous pain and unable to walk without assistance due to plantar fascitis. Within three treatments of ART and Graston, the pain was gone. I can walk without pain and enjoy life again! Thank you Dr. Don.”

~ Jan T., Business Owner

“I blew out my right shoulder while fighting in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. I couldn’t move my right arm without immense pain. Surgery was recommended but they said I’d only have 80% use of my arm. As an avid weight lifter, this was not a good option. I found out about ART online and came to see Dr. Don. Through his ART and Graston treatments, I am able to fully participate in all activities pain free!”

~ Noor R., Police Officer

“As a sixty-year-old powerlifter, I realize why so many of my fellow lifters are dropping out of national competition. The wear and tear on the body is harder and harder to take as you get older. Thank goodness for Dr. Bresnahan! I consider him something of a magician, but it isn't magic, it's his extraordinary skill at two wonderful healing techniques: ART and Graston. Without Dr. Bresnahan's help I would have dropped out of the competitive scene three or four years ago. Instead, I'm expecting to return to the national championships, and maybe even improve on my second place finish!”

~ Michael N., Professor of Psychology, College of William & Mary

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