Active Release Technique

Active Release Technique (ART)

Over the past fifteen years, Dr. Don Bresnahan has undergone extensive studies in a revolutionary technique called Active Release Technique (ART). This technique is utilized by most professional sports teams.

art-logo.gifEvery time you are injured even slightly, your soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, tendons, & fascia) tears microscopically. Your body patches these tears by forming scar tissue. The amount and direction of this scar tissue is critical to the long-term outcome of the healing process. In most instances, there is excessive scar tissue which tends to act as glue, which can cause layers of tissue to get stuck together and not function properly. Sometimes this can even cause the surrounding nerves to become trapped in the scar tissue which, as you can imagine, creates a host of other problems (tingling, numbness, weakness,…) in the affected region.

Many problems which have not responded well to standard therapies can be resolved with ART treatment. We have had tremendous results with headaches, back pain, shin splints, shoulder pain, knee problems, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, sciatica, tennis elbow, achilles tendonitis, recurring sprains and strains, and many other challenging conditions.

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